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Save the Masonic Center


We need your help to keep this prized venue operating.

On March 4th, 2010, the San Francisco Planning Commission approved our Conditional Use Permit. Unfortunately, that permit has since been appealed, and we will be heard before the entire San Francisco Board of Supervisors of May 4th to determine whether our partnership with Live Nation will be able to proceed.

We need your voices if we are going to make this happen. Below you will find a sign-up sheet to join our supporter group, and a pre-written letter that will be sent to all 11 Supervisors. The Supervisors value the opinions of residents of San Francisco, so feel free to change the letter to let them know how you feel.

To learn about the ways you can further assist the Masonic Center, please visit our information page. If you’d like to sign up to attend the hearing personally, email us at

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